Wholesale trade of groats, oilseeds and cereal crops, dried fruits and herbs of Ukraine in Europe.

Production and trade of agricultural products is one of the main directions in the world economy.

Mercury Group is one of the most fast-developing enterprises in the area of international trade in groats, cereal crops, oilseeds and dried fruits.

PE Mercury-Service, Cereal Crops Trading LLP and F.H.U. Vilia which are inside Mercury Group that brings into effect its activity in the cereal crop and plant raw material market in Ukraine, Russia and European Union since 2011. In the near future Mercury Group is a launch of new production lines, optimization of stocking complex facilities, development of packaging arrangement service and cargo delivery for export to EU countries.


Buckwheat groats:

Roasted buckwheat groats (roasted buckwheat kernels), green hulled buckwheat and buckwheat flour in bags 25 and 50 k.